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Our lab is dedicated to understanding the neural basis of cognition

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Goal of Research

We work with information processing in the brain with the primary goal of understanding the complex interplay between brain biology and cognition

Current Research

Our research involves mirror neurons and autism, brain-computer interfaces, tinnitus, gender differences during visual tracking, and more...

University of California San Diego

Department of Cognitive Science


Professor of Cognitive Science

Dr. Pineda received his Ph.D. from the Neuroscience Department, completed a postdoctoral stint in the Department of Psychiatry before joining the Cognitive Science Department – all at UCSD.

MARC Program Director

As the Program Director for MARC, he helps prepare ethnically underrepresented groups for careers in biomedical research.

High School Intern

As the lab’s first high school intern, Heather is working with us on the ASD/Mirror Neuron study to analyze EEG data and run participants.

Person  of the Week: Heather macomber

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Summer Quarter 2013

Dr. Pineda will be teaching Cognitive Science 107B class in Summer Session II

Fall Quarter 2013

Spring Quarter 2014

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Dr. Jaime pineda


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featured research

Modulated Action Representation

Oriana Aragon et al., submitted

It could be maladaptive to emotionally connect and mirror indiscriminately.  We find that when treated unfairly, participants who had mirrored both purely kinematic and goal-relevant movements before an economic game ceased to mirror the purely kinematic movements  Those who were treated fairly continued to mirror both types of movements.