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Our Staff

Our lab is staffed with a variety of people all interested in the brain. Look below to find out more about the members of our lab


Want to Join?

You can get credit for your classes, as well as learn more about the brain and EEG analyzation. Email Dr. Pineda at: pineda@cogsci.ucsd.edu


University of California San Diego

Department of Cognitive Science


Age: 19

College: UCSD

Major: Cognitive Science w/specialization Human Computer Interaction

Current Experiments: Memory Consolidation experiment

Areas of Interest: User Experience/Interface

Lab Duties: Administer participants through the experiment using EEG


Interesting Information: I've gained a personal interest in teaching

myself how to program and code. I'm also a Disney enthusiast.

Undergraduate Student

Caitlin Cagampan

Cognitive Neuroscience Lab

College: University of Maryland; University of California, San Diego

Major: Psychology / Neuroscience

Area(s) of Interest: information processing in the brain with the primary goal of understanding the complex interplay between brain biology and cognition.

Current Experiments: All lab experiments

Lab Duties: Heads laboratory, leads experiments, writes papers, coordinates lab members

Professor/Head of Lab

Dr. Jaime A. Pineda

College: Creighton University

Major: Psychology, Biology, MS in cognitive science from UCSD

Area(s) of Interest: Auditory-motor integration, rhythm, brain oscillations, signal processing, psychohistory

Current Experiments: Brain responses to rhythmic drumming, Neural dynamics of tempo modulation, Behavioral variability in rhythmic timing, Gender differences in object tracking

Lab Duties: Resident electrophysiologist, Lab safety coordinator

Interesting information: professional musician, freelance security consultant

Graduate Student/Associate Instructor

Matt Schalles


Age: 21

College: UCSD

Major: Cognitive Science w/ Specialization Neuroscience

Current Experiments: ASD/Mu Rhythms and Neurofeedback

Areas of Interest: Neuroscience, Autism and Brain Disorders

Lab Duties:EEG data analysis

Interesting Information: My Brother and Sister are my WORLD. My sister

has Autism, hence my never ending fascination for the brain. I can make

the hang loose symbol with my toes, and Neil deGrasse Tyson is my jesus.

Undergraduate Student

Age: 21

College: ERC at UCSD

Major: Physiology and Neuroscience

Current Experiments: Oxytocin data analysis

Areas of Interest: mirror neurons, social cognition, mental illness

Lab Duties:EEG data analysis

Interesting Information: I'm a guide at Outback Adventures, the outdoors program at UCSD


Undergraduate Student

Glennis Muldoon

Age: 21

College: UCSD

Major: Cognitive Neuroscience

Current Experiments: Gender Differences in the Brain: Singular vs. Dual Motion Processing and Emotion Recognition

Areas of Interest: Clinical Neuropsychology, Occupational Therapy, Typical/Atypical Behavior, Human Development

Lab Duties: Run behavioral/EEG studies, analyze data, and write manuscript. 

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Vivian Chang

Age: 16

Colleges of Interest: UCSD, Stanford, Caltech

Majors of Interest: Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, Biology, Genetics

Area(s) of Interest: Autism, Mirror Neuron System, Memory, Gender Differences

Current Experiments: ASD/Mirror Neuron Study

Lab Duties: Assists with data analysis, redesigned lab website, runs experiments with participants

Interesting information: I volunteer with Blue Roses (a group for developmentally challenged girls) and play soccer in my free time, and I’ve wanted to go into neuroscience since I was 12 years old

High School Intern

Heather Macomber

Age: 23

College: Creighton University

Major: Psychology

Area(s) of Interest: Neurofeedback, TMS

Current Experiments: ASD/Mirror Neurons, Oxycontin

Lab Duties: Develops MATLAB scripts to help people perform data analysis on EEG, and teaches EEGLab and MATLAB skills to undergraduates

Interesting information: As an undergraduate, I did remote analysis on data from the particle collider RHIC. In that capacity I also worked on a model of the propagation of pions from the decay of phi mesons.  I've previously held jobs as a corn shucker, a sous-chef, and a vision therapist.

Volunteer Research Assistant

Steven Pillen

Olivia Martens

Age: 22

College: Muir at UCSD

Major: Cognitive Science

Area(s) of Interest: Neuroscience

Current Experiments: Facilitation of Neurofeedback training with sleep via music

Lab Duties: Run the sleep experiment, run NFT trials

Interesting information:  I am in love with baking, writing, cross country running, and my kitten

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Katelyn Carmichael

Age: 31

College: University of Graz

Major: Neuropsychology

Area(s) of Interest: Brain-computer interfaces; Social Cognition

Current Experiments: Neurofeedback (mu rhythm) and Biofeedback (HRV)

Lab Duties: Conducting research

postdoctoral associate

Dr. elisabeth V. C. Friedrich

Age: 22

College: UCSD

Major: Cognitive Science minor in psychology

Area(s) of Interest: gender differences, mirror neurons, social

neuroscience, Autism Spectrum Disorder and neurological disorders.

Current Experiments: Gender differences in the brain

Interesting Information: In my spare time, I enjoy painting, dancing and

playing soccer. I also founded an education non-profit organization,

Beyond the Book, to spread holistic learning methods and motivate children

to learn in the villages of India.

Undergraduate Researcher

Radhika Gosavi